Soundside Marinelife Rescue Center was established to build Washington’s first Marine Animal Hospital. As we work towards this goal we are participating in community events, festivals and in classroom education to teach others about our local marine life and inspire ocean conservation.

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Soundside Marinelife Rescue center is a 501c3 nonprofit organization established in 2011 by two Marine Biologists. After working in Washington these biologists saw that there was a need for a hospital that could care for large marine mammals and sea otters. At the present time these animals have no place to go for long term rehabilitation. After over a year of research, budgeting, mountains of paperwork and meetings Soundside Marinelife Rescue Center is ready to raise funds to open Washington’s first Marine Animal Hospital.

Animals that the facility will be equipped to help include the threatened Stellar Sea lion, California Sea Lions, the endangered Sea Otter, Fur Seals, Elephant Seals, Harbor Seals and marine birds. In the future we plan to be able to care for stranded cetaceans such as porpoise or small whales. As the possibility of increasing tanker traffic along the WA coast looms Soundside will be essential as an oil response facility in the event that an oil spill occurs.  about us 2
  • Location:The centers location is still undetermined and possible sites are being assessed and sought after with plans of opening a facility in 2014. Soundside will service all areas of the Pacific Northwest by accepting animals from the entire of coast of Washington and Oregon.
  • Community Involvement: Public education and outreach is at the heart of what we do. Soundside is currently running a program dedicated to educating the public about ocean conservation. Our future goal is to provide an educational center that will be open to the public for informal outreach as well as formal educational programs for all ages.
    • Research: Soundside will be involved in non-invasive research once a hospital is up and running. These projects can be beneficial for monitoring the health of our oceans and a great way to opportunistically collect data which can be shared with the scientific community.
    • Support: In order to open a hospital we will need lots of support from volunteers, donors, and the community. Finances to open a hospital will come from fundraisers, grants, and individual donors. To cover the start-up costs of a hospital we have a large yet obtainable fundraising goal of $350,000. With your support and a strong team of dedicated volunteers we can reach this goal and open the Pacific Northwest’s first Marine Animal Hospital.